Back to business – for sure

Your scheduling and your participation fee are safe with us. Conexio events are guaranteed to take place - you can rely on that. That's because we take both physical and digital implementation into account right from the start of the planning process.

We develop a strict hygiene concept in coordination with the location and the authorities. Nevertheless, we are aware that we have to prepare for many uncertainties: For the Forum Neue Energiewelt, therefore, our promise also applies: Conexio Back to business – for sure

Your advantages

  •     Long-term planning despite Corona restrictions
  •     Customary high-caliber program thanks to parallel planning of both formats
  •     Transparency: We decide at the deadline how the event will take place
  •     Flexibility: Cancellation for digital version until shortly before the event

Find out here what prices and, above all, what services you can expect with the two formats.


Here's how it works

A digital event means more than just streaming the program of a physical event into digital. To guarantee you the positive experience of a digital conference, adjustments are needed in the duration of the presentations, the sessions and also the volume of the day. The framework for interactions between participants* and with the presenters and moderators also requires a different concept.

For this reason, we plan both options (physical and digital conference) from the beginning. This way, you can be sure that the event will take place despite short-term restrictions to contain the Corona pandemic, and that you will each get the best possible event experience with a professionally implemented event format.

The following options are available:

1. the event physically takes place and you can arrive: We look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas with you - have a great trip!

2. the event takes place physically and you cannot travel because you...

  •     Have symptoms of illness that could be attributed to an infection with the Corona virus.
  •     Your company/institution has issued a travel ban.
  •     regional travel restrictions apply to your location.

In this case, please send us a message by e-mail (, briefly describing the case and, if you are ill, enclosing proof from your doctor. Please indicate which of the following options you would like to take advantage of:

(a) You may attend the event as a webinar participant* from home. The participation fee will be reduced by 50 percent. We will contact you for a refund of the amount already paid and the access data.
b) You can have a voucher for next year's event or another Conexio event of your choice issued for the participation fee already paid.
c) You can cancel the event free of charge and we will refund any participation fee already paid.

3) The presence event cannot take place at short notice and must be converted into a digital event by Conexio GmbH as the organizer. This may be the case, for example, if a local or national lockdown is imposed or a ban is issued for events of this size.

In this case, we will automatically send you an access link for the digital version of the conference. The possible alternative program and your complete service package are already fixed. We will also automatically send you the voucher mentioned in the service overview to be redeemed within the next 12 months for events organized by Conexio GmbH.

Should you wish to cancel despite the attractive digital offer, you have the option of cancelling up to shortly before the start of the digital event. In doing so, you can...
a) receive a voucher for next year's event or another Conexio event of your choice for the participation fee already paid, if applicable.
b) cancel free of charge. We will refund the participation fee already paid, if applicable.

Our event will take place in any case, because we as organizers do everything we can to implement our mission of networking and knowledge transfer in the energy industry by means of high-quality events - whether physical or digital.