"South Africa's energy market is changing and the renewable energy market is growing rapidly. The government's goal is to increase the contribution of renewable energies to the electricity mix to 26% by 2030. Additionally, the regulatory framework conditions for self-sufficiency projects are also becoming better".
Anna-Lena Becker, Roedl & Partner, South Africa

"According to the recently published IPCC 1.5°C Special Report, our decisions over the next 10 years will govern the quality of life of people in a world marked by climate change. To forgo such a compelling challenge of finding better ways to deal with the blue planet is a fatal idea. In retrospect, the consequence of this would be a bitter silence on the question "What is your story actually"? ".
Hannah Helmke, right.based on science, Frankfurt

Energy instead of boredom! Miriam Janke's close-to-the-heart themes are lively events, where pondering, networking, discussion and laughter take place. She moderates and designs, for example, conferences and network meetings that enable encounters and learning that go beyond the usual cookie-cutter models. What gives her energy: sun & the South, cycling and creative collaboration in multi-professional networks.
Miriam Janke, Conference and Event Designer, Berlin

"In spite of all the discussion about what would be necessary, in the end only what is actually written in the Federal Law Gazette counts. In this legislative period one ought to rejoice that there is any energy legislation at all. The aim, however, is to create a consistent legal framework that enables business models that actually achieve the goals that have been set".
Dr. Hartmut Kahl, Stiftung Umweltenergierecht, Wuerzburg

"Electromobility and storage - without these two components, the energy revolution would be inconceivable. How can regenerative electricity production be networked with storage media? How can we create a charging infrastructure for millions of electric vehicles? Are we taking the tenants and the "street parkers" with us into the new energy world? This topic will be examined by experts in the session "Electric mobility and storage". I am looking forward to the statements and the discussion"!
Andreas Kleefisch, Baumeister Rechtsanwaelte Partnerschaft mbB, Muenster

Investments in large-scale solar power plants are becoming increasingly competitive, even in challenging regions such as Kazakhstan. Enerparc is building a 100 MW PV park in the Saran region for Goldbeck Solar. In this presentation Stefan Mueller describes the challenges of planning to implementation in this rugged but also beautiful region.
Stefan Mueller, Enerparc, Hamburg

"Climate protection is not a "nice to have". It is about the survival of mankind. With its current energy and climate policy, Germany, like Donald Trump, has said goodbye to climate protection".
Dr. Volker Quaschning, HTW Berlin, Berlin

"In August 2018, the EEG beat the fossil-nuclear contaminated market on the electricity exchange for the first time. Despite the still existing hair-raising advantage given to outdated technologies that are harmful to health, the landscape and the climate, these are now increasingly no longer competitive against new solar power plants, even on today's market and with written-off plants. Now, RWE has experienced its Fukushima in the Hambacher Forest - the exit from coal is coming, even when the old men do not believe it yet".
Karl-Heinz Remmers, Solarpraxis, Berlin

"Large storage facilities are urgently needed for the transformation of energy systems, and all players and politicians now agree on this. Moreover, it is generally acknowledged that network expansion can be limited to a necessary minimum through the use of storage systems. For investment into storage facilities and their development, however, resilient and valid business models must exist. Not everything that has been discussed so far is necessarily economic, but there are already very attractive business cases".
Hans Urban, Schletter, Haag