Thursday, November 22, 2018

8:00 am - 9:30 am Registration and Get Together

9:30 am - 11:30 am Opening Plenum

In the age of "whoever shouts loudest", this session will present factually the necessities and the great opportunities of the energy transition as well as its global progress. Where is Germany in 2018? What's next with the EEG (renewable energy act), EnWG (Energy Management Act) and Co?
Your hosts will be Karl-Heinz Remmers, CEO Solarpraxis, Tina Barroso, Berlin manager Conexio together with Dr. Heiner Wember, moderator, radio journalist and lecturer, who will lead you through this session.

These will be an impetus:

  • Thomas Bareiß, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), CDU
  • Karl-Heinz Remmers, Board member of Solarpraxis
  • Thorsten Müller, Foundation – Environment Energy Law        
  • Tina Barroso Berlin manager, Conexio
  • Moderation: Dr. med. Heiner Wember, moderator, radio journalist, lecturer

These will be your panelists:

  • Thomas Bareiß, MdB, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), CDU
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Neumann, MdB spokesman for energy policy of the FDP parliamentary group, Parliamentary Advisory Council for Sustainable Development, FDP
  • Dr. Julia Verlinden, MdB, spokeswoman for energy policy of the parliamentary group Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen (Alliance 90 / The Greens)            
  • Bernd Westphal, MdB, spokesman for the working group on economics and energy of the SPD parliamentary group
  • Moderation: Marco Seiffert, rbb (Radio Berlin, Brandenburg)


11:30 am - 1:00 pm Lunch Break and Networking in the Exhibition

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm The smarter E Forum: Pitches of the Exhibitors
The exhibitors of the 19th Forum New Energy World introduce themselves to conference participants in elevator pitches. These are short presentations, comparable to the length of a ride in an elevator. Find out about the exciting companies in the industry and visit their booths in the exhibition.

There are pitches from:
3E ● Baywa r.e. ● DELTA ● GOODWE ● Hanwha Q CELLS ● HUAWEI ● innogy ● LONGI solar ● meteocontrol ● Padcon ● PHOENIX CONTACT ● poysun ● Q Cells ● DUST ● SUNGROW ● trurnit ● UmweltBank ● VATTENFALL
Anastasia Segovia, Sales Manager, Conexio, will guide you through the elevator pitches.



1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Parallel Forums

Coal: Entry instead of Exit. New Thinking

The current skirmishes in the Hambach Forest (It is planned to be cleared to mine coal) show the whole misery of the previously unclear exit from the coal-fired power plant. But why is discussion almost exclusively about an exit instead of a change? In the Forum New Energy World we dare to make an offer to the operators of districts to switch to the industrial production of renewable energies.

  • Opportunities and necessities around the coal exit - Dr. Hans-Joachim Ziesing, Chairman of the Council Agora Energiewende (energy transition)
  • Energy transition and climate production  - Are we really better than Donald Trump? - Prof. Dr. Volker Quaschning, HTW Berlin
  • Solve (Fossil) growth brakes - Holger Krawinkel, MVV
  • Carbon leakage - how renewable energy could help with structural change - Benedikt Ortmann, BayWa r.e.
  • New Business Models: PV Wind Hybrid - Roland Philipps, Hardtstrom
  • Moderation: Dr. med. Heiner Wember, moderator, radio journalist, lecturer

Energy transition done easily – electro mobility tackled 
(conference language German, no translation offered)
We have achieved a lot and we can be proud of it. At this point we want to make that visible. Best Practice Lectures on projects with electro mobility report on the commitment of the industrial sector and politics to promote a new energy system.

  • Do you want to buy an "E"? Mobility thought through - Tobias Kurth, Energy Brainpool
  • New opportunities in photovoltaics: When the installer becomes a car dealer - David Muggli, Priocar
  • Contribution of E mobility to the regulation of networks - Stefan Hierzinger, Webasto
  • Contribution of E mobility to the regulation of networks - Katja Tschakert, Sono Motors
  • Moderation: Andreas Kleefisch, Baumeister Rechtsanwälte (lawyers), QVSD

This session has been put together in cooperation with BSW Solar.

International The Smarter E - Markets
 (conference language German, no translation offered)
What does the energy transition look like in other countries?
Barely noticed in Germany, Denmark reached a decision in the summer of 2018 with all political parties to a 100% renewable electricity generation by 2030. Until then, at least 55% of the entire energy requirement will be covered by renewable energies. In addition to all parties, Danish industry has also agreed to these requirements and provided medium-term financial planning to ensure the implementation of the plans.
The energy transition is also making huge strides in many other countries. In this session we hear short impulses and discuss with the experts at country tables.

Round 1: 1.00-1.45 pm

  • Keynote Denmark - Simona Rens, ROYAL DANISH EMBASSY
  • South Africa - Anna-Lena Becker, Roedl & Partner
  • Nigeria - Carolin Anders, BSW Solar
  • Tunisia & Morocco - Jan Knaack, BSW Solar

Round 2: 1.45-2.30 pm

  • Spain - Christoph Himmelskamp, Roedl & Partner
  • Italy - Gennaro Sposato, Partner, Roedl & Partner Italy
  • Eastern Europe - Robert von Wahl, Sungrow
  • Bangladesh, Mathias Böswetter, BSW Solar
  • China - Dr. Christoph Hartnig, Heraeus



2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Coffee Break and Networking in the Exhibition


3:15 pm - 4:45 pm Parallel Forums

Global market development - Where is the journey going and what will happen in the next 24 months?

Technological developments are advancing relentlessly and driving a new energy system. A closer look at European and global development is worthwhile: hybrid systems from wind and photovoltaic, new size classes in wind turbines and international market developments. We will take a look at these and other facets in this session and discuss them with the experts from the audience and the initiators.

  • China: a role model for the development of a new energy landscape? - Andreas Liebheit
  • Where is the journey in the wind market going? - Dr. Tobias Bischof-Niemz, ENERTRAG
  • PV + wind power plants - big potentials and big Obstacles? - Florian Schaetz, BayWa r.e.
  • EPC future strategies in a global environment - Ingo Alphéus, BELECTRIC Solar & Battery
  • Cost development for storage systems - what can be expected from new customer requests? - Tobias Rothacher, GTAI
  • Moderation: Dörte Fouquet, Becker Büttner Held


Energy transition done easily - international projects implemented
 (conference language German, no translation offered)
We have achieved a lot and can be proud of it. At this point we would like to make that visible. Best Practice Lectures on the transfer of technology and knowledge in international markets and for projects in Germany there are reports on business models under different conditions and circumstances.

  • Kazakhstan - 100 MW in the middle of nowhere - Stefan Müller, enerparc
  • Energy storage in Africa - Martin Dennenmoser, BayWa r.e.
  • Economic integration of solar heat into local heating systems - Lars Kunath, Vela Solaris
  • Innovation with safety - using the example of a solar park - Martin Schneider, meteocontrol
  • Moderation Elke Spaeth, power2com


This is how the energy transition goes: winners, admonishers and doers show new ways
 (conference language German, no translation offered)
The energy transition is wanted by politicians and the population alike. But it presents us with huge challenges that need to be solved. In this session, we are going to hear the winners of the energy transition with their innovative business models, get in touch with admonishers and let doers, who simply implement the energy transition in their projects, have their voices heard,.

  • Challenge 2 degrees - Hannah Helmke, right based on science
  • Decarbonization of a paper mill with an energy requirement of 200 MWh - Sönke Jäger, 1punkt5
  • Digitization: opportunities and risks for the energy industry and the environment - Günter Eggers, Head of Public Sector & Healthcare, e-shelter
  • Digitization from point of delivery to customer - Nicole Hopf, enercity
  • Moderation: Dr. med. Heiner Wember, moderator, radio journalist, lecturer


4:45 pm - 5:15 pm Coffee Break and Networking in the Exhibition

5:15 pm - 6:45 pm CEO Hard Talk
An entertaining mix of keynote and expert discussion gets to the bottom of the matter. In this session we reflect in depth important milestones for the new energy world.

  • Derek Huang, Sungrow
  • Lex Hartman, Tennet
  • Heinrich Strößenreuther, Agency for Clever Cities
  • Moderation: Dr. med. Heiner Wember, moderator, radio journalist, lecturer


from 7:00 pm Dinner and Networking

from 9:00 pm Network Party
The world today, as much as we have moved forward in great things like renewables and technology, has been taking a few steps backwards with regards to democracy and freedom. In a time where hate speech and blatant racism takes center stage in the news, there is all the more reason to reawaken the Woodstock Era spirit for a free world, for a world without bias.



Friday, November 23, 2018

8:00 am - 10:00 am Registration and Get Together

8:15 am - 9:15 am Parallel Breakfasts with Hosts

BREAKFAST 1 with Phoenix Contact (conference language German, no translation offered)
Trapped in a closed system - What is the value of a unique selling point for the energy transition today and in the future? Does it make sense to harmonize functions as far as possible in order to dynamically shape the unique selling point for markets, customers and projects on this open basis? A critical examination of the "engineering honor".
Your host: Burkhardt Dittmar, Phoenix Contact

BREAKFAST 2 with Sunbeam (conference language German, no translation offered)
Effective instead of actionist: optimally organize digital B2B communication.
Your hosts: German Lewizki, Caroline Post, Sunbeam

10:00 am - 11:30 am Parallel Forums

EEG remuneration below market price, decreasing balancing energy requirement with increasing renewable energy feed-in: historical turns in series

In August 2018, an EEG-subsidized plant undercut the price of the German electricity market for fossil / nuclear plants for the first time. Ironically, the solar technology which is considered extremely expensive had managed that. This moment came faster than most experts expected. The electricity market is far from the high prices before 2012, for which new renewable energy systems would be unrivaledly cheaper.
What is changing and how can newer market models explain the prices? How do direct sellers manage to bring more and more fluctuating renewable energy to the market with less and less balancing energy, and why, in terms of balancing energy for the integration of renewable energy, do you always read the opposite?

  • The breathing EEG (renewable energy act) as a hedging instrument - Carsten Pfeiffer, BEE
  • Expectations and new models for the energy market of the coming years - Dr. Marco Nicolosi, Connect Energy Economics
  • How does state of the art balancing group management manage with ever less balancing energy for more and more RES in the grid? - Amani Joas, Next Power Plants
  • Wattner's EEG solar power plant hits the market. What are the next steps? - Guido Ginger, Wattner (Project development company)
  • Assessment of the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) and what this can generally mean for further development in the EEG - Dr. Volker Oschmann, BMWi
  • Moderation: Robert Busch, bne (Association of Energy Market Innovators)



24/7 power supply with renewables - district development
 (conference language German, no translation offered)
On an area in a central location in Bremen, Germany, shaped by heavy industry, the ÜBERSEEINSEL, a new district for living and working has been developed: on 15 hectares, approx. 1,500 apartments, a school and day-care centers are being built. The goal is to supply the site with CO2-neutral electricity and heat from renewable energies wherever possible. What can this ambitious energy supply concept look like? Which technical and regulatory challenges have to be overcome?

  • Ole Becker, Adler Solar
  • Jörn Menke, Adler Solar
  • further invited impulse contributors 
  • Moderation: Margarete von Oppen and Arnecke Siebeth Dabelstein, Lawyers



Energy revolution made easily - energy storage tackled
 (conference language German, no translation offered)
We have achieved a lot and we can be proud of it. At this point we would like to make that visible. Best practice lectures on energy storage report on business models under different conditions and circumstances.

  • Efficieny of large storage systems - Hans Urban, smart power
  • Electricity storage: misconception or what can it do in industrial applications? - Steffen Breiter, Socomec
  • Best Practice Energy Storage - Julia Badeda, Battery Engineers, invited
  • further invited inpulse contributors
  • Moderation: Dr. med. Heiner Wember, moderator, radio journalist, lecturer


11:30 am - 1:00 pm Lunch Break and Networking in the Exhibition

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm The smarter E Forum: Start-up Pitches
As every year, the Forum New Energy World maintains the welcome culture of the industry for new ideas and innovations, start-ups and think tanks.

With pitches from

  • Fresh Energy
  • Liot: Under the name of VOLTEX, the company is developing a blockchain-based energy management system with an integrated peer-to-peer trading platform. In order to avoid power frequency fluctuations and blackouts, VOLTEX has set the conservation of the base frequency (50 or 60 Hertz), the cost optimization in the companies and the promotion of renewable energy as its highest goals. Above all, VOLTEX focuses on energy-intensive industries and power plants and therefore follows a top-down approach.
  • Signal Cruncher
  • Solytic
  • Vilisto
  • Ucair: ucair helps owners and operators of solar systems to get the maximum return from their system. For this purpose, we have set up a Germany-wide drone platform to efficiently inspect solar systems - faster and better than ever before. And we do this for every system owner - no matter whether commercial or private customer, nationwide.

Anastasia Segovia, Sales Manager Conexio will guide you through the pitches.


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Parallel Forums

FORUM 1: What do the customers want EU 2025? –  Industry requirements for the EU
After fierce disputes within the solar industry over the meaning and nonsense of import duties, things are continuing to brew up in the value-added chain. Some see an industrial core and associated research completely disappear. The others see new protection in current activities of EU science and manufacturers and reject them. How do the customers actually see it? Which products do they want in 2025? How can this be developed even better together? What do manufacturers say who want to return to the EU with their production sites?

  • Requirements of roofs and buildings - Hans Urban, Schletter
  • Solar Gigawatt power plants - Benedikt Ortmann, BayWa r.e.
  • Manufacturing in the EU - Winfried Hoffmann, ase
  • Return of production to Europe - Robert Händel, Opes Solutions
  • Moderation: Dr. med. Heiner Wember, moderator, radio journalist, lecturer


Old EEG plants - what comes after the fixed remuneration?
 (conference language German, no translation offered)
In less than 2 years, the first wind and solar plants will not be supported by the EEG (renewable energy act). What will happen with these once very expensive systems? Can they be operated at today's market conditions and which alternatives are available? What is the legal situation for continued operation? How do politicians see the wish for a follow-up funding of the facilities? What effect do these plants have on the EEG surcharge?

  • CO2 price, carbon leakage and Co: What drives the market value of wind and solar power on the stock market? - Angela Pietroni, Energy Brainpool
  • Post-EEG: PV prosumer models - Johannes Lackmann, bne
  • Priority feed-in and PPA - Margarete von Oppen, Arnecke Siebeth Dabelstein, Lawyers
  • New energy act - a MUST – Dr. Hartmut Kahl, LL.M. (Duke), Foundation Environment Energy Law
  • Marketing options for post-EEG plants - Discussion impulses from the market view - Wolfgang Urban, GASAG Solutions
  • Moderation: Götz Fischbeck, Smart Solar Consulting


2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Coffee Break and Networking in the Exhibition

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Final panel - the customer enters the stage of the energy world
The final panel of the Forum New Energy World is legendary - innovative approaches, exciting business models, controversial backgrounds are presented and discussed here.

  • Real customers: A cement plant in Namibia - Boris Westphal, Suntrace
  • New platform, new solutions? - Stefan Malcherek, BoEnergy
  • Over 21-PPA: Direct to Private Customers - Greenpeace Energy, invited
  • Utility as a customer: PPAs for large systems - Statkraft, invited
  • Session hosts and moderators: Tobias Kurth, Energy Brainpool, and Eike Dehning, dhng Consulting


4:00 pm - 4:15 pm Summary and Outlook

4:15 pm End of the 19th Forum New Energy World