What our participants say

"I found the Forum Neue Energiewelt great, it was fun. Great, exciting formats, interesting people and many new insights. I'm looking forward to next year".
Martin Schumacher, ABB Group

"For me, the Forum Neue Energiewelt is one of the most important sources of inspiration for the question: How do things move forward with renewable energies? The organisers always succeed in putting together the thematic mosaic pieces that are necessary to get a good picture of the current framework conditions for the renewable energy market".
Margarete von Oppen, ARNECKE SIBETH

"The forum offers an ideal platform for exchanging views on the topics of the future, especially technology topics. We're talking about digitisation, decentralisation through the energy transition and it's great to get together with everyone and tackle these challenges".
Sven Wagenknecht, BTC-Echo

"For me, the Forum Neue Energiewelt is an outstanding opportunity to present our activities to a large specialist audience and to make countless interesting contacts. I also think the presentation formats are great - you know exactly who to talk to later. All around tiptop"!
Stefan Drexlmeier, Energiewende Oberland

"The Forum Neue Energiewelt has indeed transformed itself into a meeting of the new energy world. Due to its different formats and workshops, it is much more dynamic than many classic conferences. This was a good match for the new spirit of optimism that can be felt in the industry".
Franco Gola, E.ON Energie Deutschland

"The Forum Neue Energiewelt (Forum Solarpraxis) is for us a marked date in the calendar, since this is a platform, exclusive in Germany, which brings the players of the entire new energy world together".
Andreas Liebheit, Heraeus

"For IBC Solar, the special thing about the New Energy World Forum is that on the one hand you get the freshest topics at the cutting edge and on the other the fantastic networking. It's just all the important people here that you have to meet".
Joerg Ebel, IBC Solar

"The Forum Neue Energiewelt simply has a good programme, all relevant topics of the energy world are included: network conversion, storage, digitisation, sector coupling... The spectrum of speakers is also very diverse. That's something special in the energy world".
Kathrin Goldammer, Reiner Lemoine Institut

"We want a future for the next generation that is independent of fossil energy sources. We can successfully implement and move forward with this if there are people who are spearheading the energy transition, devising new paths and openly exchanging ideas. These are exactly the people I meet at the Forum Neue Energiewelt".
Juliane Schulze, Vattenfall Europe Innovation

"For me, the Forum has two components: the political message and the technical/economic opportunities that renewables provide. The political component is very important, as the participants are miles ahead of the politicians. I meet people and we swiftly begin work on new projects, which would otherwise take months of coordination".
Amir Roughani, Vispiron